I prefer to use terms like...
Home based learning
Life schooling
Freedom education

But in the interest of mutual understanding, I usually just call it homeschooling.

Do we homeschool?
Yes, we do school at home. No, we don't sit at desks or use chalkboards.
Unless of course, we want to... and then we do.

So for the past 19 years or so, I've been mentoring young people to become big people. Teaching them to walk and talk and love and learn.
And when they get older, we try to teach them the key elements they will need to integrate with the rest of the world in a healthy way and to get jobs (or become their own bosses).
Beyond that...

I don't use one method because I have 8 different children. We play it by ear.
One day at a time. Whatever it takes.

A good homeschool is not necessarily one in which all A's are earned but one which brings out the best in the individual person. The best curriculum is the one that helps them to be healthy, whole, and happy. Whatever gives them the tools they need to thrive.

We desire to raise autodidacts (self-learners) who will be able to enter into any situation in life and adapt and learn. We homeschool because we don't believe there is a one-size fits all for that desired outcome.

Above all, we desire that our children learn LOVE in our homeschool.
And that they learn how to cherish and serve others in imitation of Jesus Christ; 
and that they learn also to be loved by others and believe in their own goodness.
If we can do that, we have been successful.

A successful homeschool unleashes the power of the compassionate soul upon the world...

Learning about great literature (or mathematics) in the process is just proverbial icing on the cake!

I don't pretend to be great at this gig. But I also don't believe that a life worth pursuing must necessarily be without mistakes.
So we press on and love each other... imperfectly.